Aottg skin Spiderman

Aottg skin Spiderman - Hallo guys AOTTG SKIN,MOD,AND TUTORIAL,,,,For This Time I will post about Aottg skin Spiderman,I hope This post Can Help you :) .

Title : Aottg skin Spiderman
Title Post : Aottg skin Spiderman

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Aottg skin Spiderman

attack on titan tribute game spiderman skin

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Tutorial Custom Skin Aottg

1. You must used Rc Mod Or Another Mod

2. play And Press "p"


-if you want to custom human skin:

+.clik Human Skin

+.paste link skin (ctrl+v)

-if you want to custom titan skin: Titan Skin

+.paste link skin (ctrl+v)

-if you want to custom level skin(arena) level skin

+.paste the script at box

4. Save, enter write /restart

6.enter,,, Done :D

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